How do I sell my vehicle to you?

So, you’ve gotten to the point that you’re ready to say bon voyage to one of your beloved rides. There can be many reasons why you’ve reached that point, but the most important factor for you is probably making sure you’re in the best hands and, of course, getting the biggest payout you can! That’s why we’re here!

You’re probably wondering how this whole process works, right? Well, rest assured, we have developed Dart in an effort to provide the highest quality service to you when parting with your vehicle, and it couldn’t be easier. In fact, selling your car through Dart is actually a breeze, and only requires a few simple button presses!

When you pull up, you can choose between two easy information options. Do you have the Vehicle Identification Number for your automobile? Perfect! Use the VIN Option and enter it in along with the Current Mileage. Don't have it handy? You can simply switch to enter your Year, Make, and Model. You'll then be prompted to select the Series or Trim, Style, and Current Mileage.

Next, we direct you to select the vehicle Condition.

After that, your estimated purchase price* will instantly populate along with the details you provided (in case you fat-fingered the info).

Finally, your last step is the fun part: Lock in your offer! At this point, start thinking about whether you want to trade or sell. There are, of course, benefits to both. Typically, though, you'll be offered more for a trade-in than you would for cash outright, though the final decision is always yours. You will discuss this when you are contacted by a representative.

But, never fear—we're not just going to send you off into the world without a safety net! Each location we work with is part of a network of carefully vetted dealerships within Northeastern Iowa, and it covers a pretty wide area!

Not in that region? No worries.

We'll still assist you! Many of these locations are set up to work with folks in a long-distance capacity. So that should take some of the hot-collared stress out of the whole thing!

When you submit your choice, the nearest Dart-partnered dealership to your location will receive your request and process it. Then, they’ll contact you in the way you prefer best. That’s right, a real, live human from a reputable location! No robo-calls in this house!

Together, you’ll figure out what works best for you when it comes to what you would like to do with your vehicle. In most cases, after a phone call, all it takes is a less than fifteen minute examination and you’ll have your final offer. Easy peasy, right?

Our current list of Dart Partners:

*Remember that any offer you receive is not iron-clad and that vehicle values can be fluid depending on innumerable factors. Dart calculates this amount using the Black Book® standards for vehicle value processing, and it is constantly updating. We would love to get our hands on your beautiful vehicle or take it in on trade toward a replacement. We always do our best to crunch the numbers to calculate the correct at-the-moment value. The final offer might wind up differently, but just know that we did our homework to make this work for everyone involved.

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